YLAB- geisteswisschenschaftliches Schülerlabor der Universität Göttingen

And the Oskar goes to… – taking students to Hollywood in a Global Simulation

Seminar für Englische Philologie, Fachdidaktik,
Cathrin Sprenger

A global simulation is a task-based teaching method which gives learners the opportunity to experience and use the foreign language in a fictitious but real-life scenario. By making use of different creative methods, material and media an authentic space is created – this can for example be an island, a different country, a village, a zoo, a circus, a house, a company, or in our case an award ceremony in Hollywood, – in which the participants take over different roles and master various communicative situations and tasks.

The pupils will enter the foreign language context the university students designed for them, including a specific time and place and take over new identities. Following different rules and instructions they will interact with each other, read documents they may find, write notes to each other, solve problems, create and explore. The university students will motivate and encourage the pupils to actively use the foreign language and support them in doing so.


  • SchülerInnen der 8. Klasse (IGS Geismar und Hainberggmnasium)
  • das Projekt findet in den Räumen des YLAB statt
  • Termine: 20. März und 21. März 2017, jeweils von 8 bis 13 Uhr
  • das Projekt wird in der Schule durch die Studierenden vorbereitet