YLAB- geisteswisschenschaftliches Schülerlabor der Universität Göttingen

The Life, Work and Times of William Shakespeare

Seminar für Englische Philologie, Fachdidaktik,
Prof. Dr. Carola Surkamp



Shakespeare is very prominent in advanced English language classes. In order to understand his texts knowledge about the historical and cultural background is helpful. But what knowledge do pupils need? And how can they gain this knowledge, i.e. through which materials, media and methods? One approach is to design a learning circle for pupils (Stationenlernen), which allows them to work on various texts and tasks autonomously and cooperatively.

Participants will research materials and develop tasks for different stations of such a learning circle about the life, work and times of William Shakespeare. The tasks will be presented and discussed within the course and taught in a workshop for pupils at the Y-Lab on one or two days during the semester (date will be announced later).


  • Kurs der IGS Geismar (Jg. 12)
  • das Projekt findet in den Räumen des YLAB statt
  • am 10.  Januar 2017