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And the Oscar goes to … – taking students to Hollywood in a Global Simulation

Sprenger, Cathrin (Veranstaltungsnummer 4505277)

A global simulation is a task-based teaching method which gives learners the opportunity to experience and use the foreign language in a fictitious but real-life scenario. By making use of different creative methods, material and media an authentic space is created – this can for example be an island, a different country, a village, a zoo, a circus, a house, a company, or in our case an award ceremony in Hollywood, – in which the participants take over different roles and master various communicative situations and tasks.

In this course you will explore the potential a global simulation has to offer for the context of foreign language learning. You will learn how to plan and develop a global simulation based on a textbook unit on Hollywood and get the chance to put your ideas into practice. In your research projects you will be able to assess and evaluate your global simulation.

In cooperation with different secondary schools we will design and carry out a simulation project at the YLAB and invite 8th grade students to join us in this creative adventure. There, pupils will enter the foreign language context we designed for them, including a specific time and place, and take over new identities. Following different rules and instructions they will interact with each other, read documents they may find, write notes to each other, solve problems, create and explore. The aim is that you, of course also in role, motivate and encourage the students to actively use the foreign language and support them in doing so.

There will be a preparation at school prior to the simulation project. The simulation projects themselves will be carried out on a weekday morning (8.00-12.30), from June 18th to June 20th. Both the preparation at school and the simulation project will be part of your internship (Note: You will not have to do another internship at a school.)

Moreover, you will learn how to do your own research project during your internship including methods and instruments which will help you to answer the research question which we developed in the context of the course.

Please note: The Global Simulations will take place in June (one day per Global Simulation). You will prepare the simulation at school with your class for three weeks before the simulation (probably May/June). You will spend 2* 90 minutes per week in your class.

Requirements: regular attendance, active participation, preparation and organization of two to three global simulations, portfolio of 4000 words (about 12-15 pages; 10.08.2018)

It is highly recommended to also participate in the Übung: Einführung in Forschungsmethoden der Fremdsprachendidaktik. During that course you will learn how to do your own research project during your internship including methods and instruments which will help you to answer your research question.

(Place: Verfügungsgebäude – VG 2.105)


Short Films in the EFL Classroom: Reception and Production

Sprenger, Cathrin (Veranstaltungsnummer 4505280)

Films offer a wide range of possibilities for the EFL classroom. They provide authentic and varied language as well as a visual context. Used in the language learning classroom they can increase students“ motivation and help them to develop all four communicative skills. Dealing with films in class can also train students“ media literacy which plays an increasingly important role in modern society.

This seminar aims at exploring the question of why and how teachers should use the genre of the short film in the language classroom. We will discuss the viewing and analysis processes of films and various teaching methods. Participants will get the chance to develop their own film workshops, which will be offered on one day at the YLAB for an English class (May, 30th, 7:30am – 2pm). With the help of the students, pupils will produce their own short films. University students will also need to sit in one one of the English classes (Monday, 11:30-1:05, or Thursday 7:50-9:20, once only before the actual project). We might also need one additional lesson on the following Monday or Wednesday after the YLAB workshops to cut and edit the films together with the pupils. Please only register for this course if you are commited to attend all of the seminar dates and the additional ones at the YLAB and the school.

Requirements: Regular attendance, active participation, presentation of a workshop and a written reflection of 2000 words (all in English) on your teaching experience.

Fr. , 13.04.2018, 14:00 bis 18:00, Verfügungsgebäude – VG 3.105; Sa., 14.04.2018, 09:00 bis 15:00, KWZ 1.717; Fr., 04.05.2018, 09:00 bis 15:00, Verfügungsgebäude VG 2.105